Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire Méthodes Formelles

Date 2017-10-17  11:00-12:00
Titre Timed domains: an appetizer 
Résuméwe develop a general theory of timed domains and timed morphisms that aims at offering a versatile and sound mathematical framework for the study of timed denotational semantics of networks of timed programs. The proposed compositional semantic model accounts for the fact that every non trivial computation step necessarily takes some non zero time. This is achieved by defining timed domains as classical domains (directed complete posets) where time appears everywhere: every increase of knowledge necessarily refers to the passage of time. Timed morphisms are defined as functions between timed domains which uniformly act on the underlying time scales. The resulting category is a (bi)cartesian closed category with (mostly) internal henceforth timed least fixpoint operators. Moreover, by allowing (almost) arbitrary posets as time scales, the proposed frame- work also covers typical features of parallel or concurrency theory such as parallel, indenpendant or conflicting computations. In other words, timed domains and timed morphisms provide a fully featured mathematical framework for the study of computable spatio-temporal functions. 
OrateurDavid Janin 

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