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Good Practices from the Support Team

  Here are some of the best practices for LaBRI users regarding IT support services

Material Assignment Requests

Arrival of a staff member

Out of staff arrival

(the management will decide according to your resources)

Departure of a staff member

  * Transfer the relevant data and have resource rights transferred to your authorized laboratory staff before you or your staff leave.   * Bring back or declare the end of the use of a material, its identification and its location

Loans of equipment

Purchase of materials

Encryption !!!

Computer access


an email address associated with LaBRI is not automatic and is not the norm for a certain number of non-permanent staff: trainee guests, ...

Maintaining a computer access account at LaBRI

Computer requests

Wifi networks

White Network

Using printers

This, apart from jeopardizing the integrity of the dress of the person who replaces them, can result in a possible printer breakdown or endless printer cleaning sessions.

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