2017 Recruitment Round

Three teaching/research positions in Computer Science are open in the upcoming recruitment round (March 2017). The successful candidates will carry their research activities within the "Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI)" (Bordeaux Computer Science Research Laboratory).

The LaBRI is a joint laboratory of CNRS, Université de Bordeaux, and IPB, and a partner of INRIA Bordeaux-Southwest unit. The LaBRI currently has about 150 teaching/research staff and 130 Ph.D. students. It is organized in six research teams and ten research projects common to INRIA Bordeaux-Southwest unit.

Applications by candidates outside Bordeaux are strongly encouraged. The LaBRI attaches the highest importance to the candidate's scientific value and the quality of their research project. Brilliant candidates are invited to apply even if their research activities and project do not perfectly match the published details of the positions.

All the candidates are invited to contact the leader of the team or project that they would integrate. Also remind that applicants must have passed the qualification round.

Further details on these positions and teaching activities are available from the webpage in French.

Important dates
  • Position application deadline : March 9, 16h (Paris time)
  • Appointment : Septembre 1, 2017

contact : Sylvain Lombardy

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