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28 November 2016 - Thesis Subjects 2017
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2017: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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24 Septembre 2019 - Arbres infinis r?guliers et rev?tements universels de graphes finis  (Bruno Courcelle et Yves M?tivier - 14h00 - 178)

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09 July 2019 - New victory for the Rhoban team, world champion for the fourth successive time

After its triple world champion title (2016, 2017 and 2018), Rhoban has added a new star to its record in the KidSize humanoid robot category.
This year, it was in Sydney that the team defended its title and won a victory against the Chinese team.
The results are here.
The next championship RoboCup 2020 will be on home ground, in Bordeaux.

Contacts: Olivier Ly and/or Grégoire Passault

06 May 2019 - Hybrid upper member neuro-prostheses assisted by vision and video analysis

Next 24 May, at the UGECAM Aquitaine La Tour de Gassies, there will be a workshop involving multidisciplinary teams.
Supported by the CNRS RoBioVis project, within the programme « Osez Interdisciplinarité », in collaboration with the medical teams of the UGECAM Aquitaine La Tour de Gassies, the Percy Army Hospital Armées and with the Aquitaine ADEPA, multidisciplinary teams INCIA Hybride, Inria Flowers, LaBRI AIV are working on new generation robotic hybrid prostheses, guided by both vision and EMG.
More information and programme here.

Contact: Jenny Benois-Pineau

06 mai 2019 - Prochaine rencontre le 21/05/2019 pour l’Événement Art et Science : Cycle 5 \"Le Sens du Temps\" et Concert-rencontre du SCRIME

– 18h : Séminaire du cycle "Le Sens du Temps" - Salle Hémicyclia LaBRI - "Le temps et l'espace dans la partition musicale" par Dominique Fober
Comment la notation musicale s'adapte-t-elle aux besoins de la création contemporaine ? Comment de nouvelles formes de représentation peuvent-elles bousculer les frontières entre instrument et partition ? Comment écrire et décrire la dynamique des systèmes interactifs ? Ce sont quelques-unes des questions sur le statut de la partition contemporaine qui seront abordées par Dominique Fober, chercheur à Grame-CNCM.

– 19h : Concert-rencontre - Salle Hémicyclia - Archives du SCRIME – « A remonter le temps… » avec Jean-Michel Rivet
"C’est l'ascenseur libéré qui va au-delà du plafond, des ballons qui sautent d'un haut-parleur à l'autre, le train qui bat le rythme des rails avec une belle voix posée au bord du quai et pour finir quelques incongruités sur le modèle Rabelaisien..."

23 April 2019 - Multilayer networks and visualisation help in the work of investigation and analysis of criminal metworks

The GIP Research Mission Law and Justice has financed the AVRES project "Analyse et Visualisation des réseaux criminels de traite des êtres humains", led by Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre of COMPTRASEC UMR 5114, and involoving thle LaBRI (Bruno Pinaud, Guy Mélançon).
This work, initiated in 2015-2016 by a PEPS IdEx (project TETRUM), interests the legal community (magistrates, investigtors) as is confirmed by the apparition of an article in the Figaro, ici.
This same work is at the origin of a valorisation project in common with AST (code name "IntuiNet") involving two young collaborators: Jason Vallet (doctor UB) and Norbert Féron (computing master). The project is aimed at developing a platform to enable analysis and visualisation of data in networks. The potential applications intended are analysis of criminal networks, analysis of social networks in the context of social innovation (in connection with the H2020 opencare project), economic intelligence (patent databases, with Gretha), and investigative journalism.

Bruno Pinaud and Guy Mélançon are also collaborating with the Lausanne criminal science school (a visit by Quentin Rossy next May financed by the LaBRI as an emerging action).

19 April 2019 - Blockchain Conférence, Tuesday 21 May, 6pm, at the LaBRI

Digital Aquitaine, the LaBRI, Inria Bx Sud-Ouest, Bordeaux INP, the CNRS, the CATIE, the University of Bordeaux and the IMS are organising a seminar on Blockchain Technology, on Tuesday 21 May at the LaBRI.
This technology, still young, but very promising will impact on the manner in which we share information. Thanks to its properties and highly decentralised aspect, it is possible to stock, execute and above all certify transactions.
However, Blockchain is only the concept, and there are many implementations, each giving rise to possibilities but equally problems to be resolved.

In the programme :
- " Voyage au centre de la Blockchain " by Nicolas Philippe, Responsable de département, CATIE
- " Blockchain : Plus qu'un buzz-word, de vrais usages ! " by Romain Queraud, Ingénieur informatique, CATIE
- " Si Blockchain est la solution, quel est le problème ? " by Laurent Réveillère, professeur des Universités, LaBRI
- With evidence from Happy Capital

Contacts: Laurent Réveillère (LaBRI) / Roxanne Villet (Digital Aquitaine)

04 avril 2019 - Visions scientifiques et artistiques du SCRIME #4, prochaine rencontre le 16/04/2019

Le temps perçu peut-il coexister avec le temps pensé, à la croisée de l'intelligible et du sensible? Jean-Louis Di Santo, compositeur et musicologue, nous apportera sa vision sur cette question à travers l'analyse d'une pièce musicale. En savoir plus ici.

Comme les fois précédentes, ce séminaire sera suivi d’un concert-rencontre. Animés par Jean-Michel Rivet, les concerts-rencontres du SCRIME proposent la découverte du travail d’artistes variés de musique électronique par l’écoute d’œuvres et l’échange avec le public.

27 March 2019 - Three LaBRI Researchrs in Aminer's AI top 100

An international Top_100_AI classification has recently been published by Aminer.
Laurent Simon in the AI category IA, Vincent Lepetit in the Computer Vision category and Meghyn Bienvenu in the Web and Knowledge Engineering category .

AMiner's annual list of the most influential researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) lists the world's best researchers in the AI domain. The list is determined in recognition of exceptional technical achievements having lasting contribution and impact in the research world.
In 2018, the winners are part of the most cited researchers whose articles have been published in the most important disciplines of their respective domain between 2007 and 2017.
The winners are determined automatically by the AMiner system in function of the number of citations obtained by their best publications. In particular, the "Artificial Intelligence" list classes researchers according to their number of citations between 2007 and 2017 in the AAAI and IJCAI conferences, regarded as the most important in the field.

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