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Thesis subject offers to 2017 : here

This list is updated at each arrival of a new offer. This page should be consulted regularly.


Thesis funding from the ministery of the Universities and the research (MESR) is essentially of two types:

  • open ("or merit"): after agreement with a thesis supervisor to work on a specific subject, students are ranked according to their Master results. The best students are then funded to work on their chosen subject.
  • directed: these subjects have a funding for a good applicant.

They are several other types of funding (university, CNRS, INRIA, Region, CIFRE, ANR, DGA, ...), so the possibilities of funding are not all known at the same date.

You can apply for 2 thesis subjects provided you indicate the order of priority between the two.

How to apply? Contact the thesis supervisor in order to get his agreement. You should send your detailed CV, your marks, an application letter. A letter supporting your candidacy by the foresee supervisor is mandatory to be admitted in the PhD program.

The necessary documents to apply are available on the School's web site.

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