Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire Méthodes Formelles

Date 2020-02-18  07:00-07:00
TitreAn algebraic approach to equivalence of MSO transductions of graphs of bounded treewidth 
RésuméWe prove MSO-transductions of graphs of bounded treewidth have decidable equivalence modulo fractional isomorphism with real coefficients (not necessarily nonnegative). The main goal of this talk is to present a new approach to equivalence problem of MSO-transductions of graphs of bounded treewidth. This approach relies on associating to a graph a list of polynomials or generating functions which can be updated by a polynomial function after join and forget operation of sourced graphs. This is joint work with Mikolaj Bojanczyk. 
OrateurJanusz Schmude 
UrlMIMUW, University of Warsaw 

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